Are you here on vacation?  Want to go kayaking or paddle boarding in Daytona Beach?  Here is the chance to see the outdoors on your terms. Try a daily kayak or paddle board rental.  We can deliver it to your Daytona residence, local beach, boat ramp of your choice or campground.
Minimum one day rental, with deposit, and minimal set up fee.  All rentals include straps.  For more info please call 386-334-5551                                     

Due to COVID-19 RESERVATIONS are required!

** Delivery Service to all local residence, boat ramp of choice and campgrounds.

               Single Kayak                Tandem Kayak Fishing Kayak          SUP
1/2 hr $25.00
 Hour:           $15.00                           $20.00 $45.00

 Half Day:    $40.00                           $60.00              $65.00

   Daily:        $50.00                            $70.00       $75.00

*Over night:  $70.00                           $90.00       $100.00

Guided Trips: 1-2 hours: 75.00    3-4 hours: 100.00      5-6 hours: 150.00
  This is for 2 people. Each additional 2 people is $25.00.  
  Does not apply to fishing tours 
Additional boat launch locations:  add  $10.00

 All rentals include: Life jacket, safety whistle, and paddle.
Every kayaker under 16 is required to have a parent sign a Waiver and Release of Liability

ICE & bottle water included with 1/2 day rentals and guided trips.
Ask about other equipment rentals.

We suggest every kayaker bring:

  • Water shoes!  Tennis shoes and flip-flops don't work very well.
  • Sunscreen!  The Florida sun and the reflection from the water make this a MUST!
  • Wear light clothing that dries fairly quickly and bring a towel.
  • Bug spray.  Depending on the location and time of year.  This is Florida!


 *Requires deposit, setup fee, and advanced registration.
** Delivery service and setup fee:  $25.00 within 15 miles of Daytona Beach, all others please call.

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